Domestic Cleaning


All rooms are started with a thorough dusting of doorframes, windowledges, and any artwork. And yes, I dust UNDER objects. That favourite photograph on your dresser will not be sitting in its own little island of dust!  All rooms are finished with the floor being vacuumed and either disinfected as needed (bathrooms and powder rooms) or treated with a product suited to the floor - be it hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic or marble.

Bathrooms: All appliances, sinks, fittings and cabinet doors are thoroughly cleaned.  Mirrors are cleaned to a shine. The toilet is disinfected and any mildew is treated as need be.  Shower stall doors and bathtubs are scrubbed.  Garbage collected upon request. The floor is vacuumed then cleaned and disinfected with a vaporizer. 

Bedrooms: Dressers and furniture are thoroughly dusted.  Mirrors are cleaned to a shine. Furniture polished upon request. Carpets and area rugs are vacuumed.   Hardwood is vacuumed with a parquet attachment and treated for a final shine.

Dining room: Chairs and table are checked for crumbs and stains and carefully dusted.  Legs/feet of table and chairs may be dusted.  Table may be polished if required.  Chairs are moved during vacuuming and floor treatment to ensure a thorough clean.  Floor vacuumed and treated.

Home gyms/rec rooms: All gym equipment will be wiped down and cleaned as much as possible.  Toys will be picked up and stashed safely.  Tables and furniture are dusted. Floor vacuumed and treated.

Kitchen: All countertops, appliances, sinks and cabinets in the kitchen are thoroughly cleaned.  Dishes may be done by hand if time allows.  Chairs are moved during vacuuming and floor treatment to ensure a thorough clean.

Living rooms/home offices: Table and furniture are dusted. Computer screens and mouses are wiped down.  Keyboards checked for crumbs.  Larger pieces of furniture will be moved and cleaned under as necessary or upon request.  Floor vacuumed and treated.

Pet areas: Pet beds will be vacuumed and disinfected to kill any bacteria, fleas, mites etc.  Food and water dishes may be emptied, disinfected and replenished only upon request. Grooming equipment will be cleaned and disinfected.  Toys will be collected and stashed safely. 

**PLEASE NOTE There is a surcharge to clean up pet vomit, urine and/or fecal matter, as it must be cleaned up, bagged separately, and the area then cleaned and disinfected.  This all takes extra time and supplies, so the cost will be passed on to the client in the form of an additional $20 fee.

Windows: Windows that are easily accessible from the inside of the house, sliding French doors, solariums etc. Generally it is more practical to dedicate a separate session to windows.