I provide a full range of residential cleaning services for all your needs.  The definition of a basic clean is what most firms offer in a deep clean.  See the following page, Domestic Services, for an idea as to how a regular clean is done.

Other services include:

One-time deep cleans.  Deep cleans take a little longer than a regular clean, but they're worth it. 

Move-ins, move-outs and pre-stageing.  You want your house to be as clean as possible before you move or bring in a stageing service if selling your house. If you are renting an apartment, you probably want to get your damage deposit back, right?  So it's in your best interests to leave the place looking as good as possible before you turn over the keys.

Fridge and kitchen cupboard cleans.  You don't really look forward to cleaning up those sticky, moldy mystery spills in the fridge, do you?  And when was the last time you cleaned out your kitchen cabinets?  Under the sink where the garbage container usually lives?

Blinds and windows.  Upon request and only if the windows are safely accessible via a 6-ft ladder.

Animal faeces/urine in the house.  $20 applicable fee per visit to cover the costs of having to clean up, disinfect and dispose of all and any faecal matter and urine left in the house by dogs, cats, birds, etc.



Dust Never Sleeps now has openings most Mondays for deep cleans, move-ins, move-outs and pre-stageing cleans. 

Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy

Dust Never Sleeps' roster is booked with regular clients.  As a result, one client cancelling and expecting to be accomodated on a day of their choosing causes an unwanted ripple effect which affects other clients.  If you must cancel, please contact me by phone, ASAP - by no later than 8am the morning of your clean.  Otherwise a $50 'kill fee' will be applied to cover the cost of gas, travel and time.

In order to circumvent this problem, Mondays are generally left open to accomodate clients who must cancel their regular booking.  If there happens to be a vacant space closer to the time of your usual clean in the roster that week, you will be given the option of taking that space.   If you are in absolute dire need of a clean and it's the end of the week, you may be accomodated on a Saturday - but an extra $100 weekend fee will apply.

Otherwise please be patient and wait for the date of your next regular clean.


Privacy Policy

There is no social media page for Dust Never Sleeps Housecleaning Services.  That is deliberate.  I believe that everyone is entitled to their privacy; I do not divulge personal information about my clients.