About Me

As the owner/operator of Dust Never Sleeps, I have worked in the industry for many years.  I have cleaned and disinfected everything from riding stables with quarantine facilities to restaurant kitchens and, in more recent years, homes and offices.  I am known for being a hard worker with an exceptionally strong work ethic who is trustworthy, honest, and reliable.  And thorough!

Having seen firsthand how many cleaners rush through a client's house, all in the interests of getting to the next house on time, I decided that Dust Never Sleeps would do the opposite.  Thoroughness is the key to the success of Dust Never Sleeps, not speed. Wouldn't you prefer to have one person working in your house, giving 100%, than a *team* of two or more who only care about packing up and rushing off to their next job?  Your house deserves the most thorough clean possible, using the safest cleaning supplies available, to ensure a healthy home environment.


About the equipment

 You will soon see why I have invested only in high-end, state-of-the-art European-made cleaning equipment.  Follow the links!

Vacuum: Sebo Airbelt D4 (Made in Germany) - Sebo is the highest-quality household brand vacuum in the world.  The Sebo Airbelt D4 boasts S-class hospital-grade filtration, not to mention bumpers on the vacuum, powerhead and parquet tool to prevent damage.  https://www.sebocanada.ca/dseriespage.html

Vaporizer: Polti Vaporetto  (Made in Italy) - The compact but powerful Vaporetto delivers steam delivered at high pressure to a dry vapour at 120 degrees.  This kills dust mites, fleas, and several viruses.  Also loosens up tough dirt safely and without the use of chemicals. https://www.polti.ca/

Hardwood floor-care products: Bona (Made in Sweden).  Yes, even the lowest-tech tool in my cleaning arsenal comes with a European pedigree.  Bona is an established brand name and world leader in hardwood floor-care products.  https://www.bona.com/en-US/


About the products

Nobody wants their house to smell of bleach or ammonia and I strive to be as environmentally safe as possible.  The main product I use for cleaning is one of Shaklee's flagship products, Basic-H2 - a highly concentrated, enviro-friendly, solution that is diluted with bottled water and a minute amount of vinegar.  https://www.shaklee.ca/can/en/products.php?sku=44029Tougher jobs (rust stains, hard-water stains on bathroom appliances and fixtures, caked-on toothpaste, etc) are tackled with Shaklee's Scour-Off Paste https://www.shaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=00430.

I do use Lysol toilet bowl cleanser, and a stainless steel spray cleaner for stainless steel appliances, but even so am seeking green alternatives that will meet my standards.   

Other cleaning products include Euroscrubbies https://euroscrubby.com/,Simoniz microfibre cloths, and high-quality paper towels.